Re-Pick Round Instructions

Here are the steps you need to follow to enter your re-picks for the final 15 games of this year's contest.  NOTE: DO NOT attempt to click on the "Enter Your Picks" buttons in the FAQ section.  You will just confuse yourself and send me email saying, "The re-pick doesn't work."  The "Enter Your Picks" buttons are ONLY for the beginning of the contest, not the re-picks.  Follow the instructions below to enter your re-picks.

  1. Go to the Contestants Picks page and click on the link for your entry.  You will be asked to enter the password you entered when you originally made your picks.  If you forgot the password,  Email me, and I will reset it for you.
  2. You will be presented with your re-pick screen.  Now, it is important that you understand what you are looking at on this screen.  The teams listed in the grid for rounds 1 and 2 are the teams that ACTUALLY WON the games, not necessarily the teams YOU PICKED.  Any games that you MISSED will appear in RED, and games that you got correct will appear in GREENPLEASE NOTE:  All the teams shown in the Re-Pick Screen for rounds 1 and 2 are actual tournament game winners.  If a team shows up in RED for a round 1 or round 2 game on your Re-Pick Screen, it does NOT mean that team lost.  It means YOU picked some other team for that game, and therefore you got that game WRONG.  It is set up this way so that the 16 teams listed in your Re-Pick Screen are the actual remaining teams, which allows you to pick ANY team to win ANY of the remaining 15 games by clicking that team's button.
  3. The teams listed in the grid for round 3 through the championship are the teams YOU ORIGINALLY PICKED for those games.  Any teams that have already lost will appear in RED.  These are the games you definitely want to change.
  4. The re-pick screen will only allow you to change picks for the remaining 15 games in rounds 3 through the championship.  To change a pick for any game, simply click on a button to advance the team to the next round, just like you did at the beginning of the contest.  As I stated before, you should at least change your picks for any RED games you have in the remaining rounds.  In fact, if you attempt to update your picks WITHOUT changing all your remaining RED picks, your updates will not be entered, and you will be asked to re-enter.
  5. When you are finished making changes, click on the Update Picks button.  Your picks will be checked for errors.  If your updates are successful, you will get a confirmation screen.  If there was a problem, you will get an error screen or a pop-up error message.
  6. If you return to your Re-Pick Screen before Thursday, you will see your latest picks for the final 15 games along with the ACTUAL WINNERS for rounds 1 and 2.  You can continue to make changes, even changing a pick back to your original choice, provided your original choice has not already lost, through the Thursday 7:00 PM deadline.

You will only be able to view your own picks during the re-pick phase of the contest.  This is so that your changes can be kept secret, making the contest as fun and competitive as possible.  Certain reports that would give away information for picks in the remaining rounds will also be disabled until the re-pick phase is over.

After 7:00 PM on Thursday, the Contestant Picks links will return to normal.  You will be able to view anyone's picks, and the grid will show each contestants actual picks for the entire contest, including any changes made in the re-pick phase.  As the contest completes, games you miss will appear in RED, and games you get right will be marked in GREEN.

Clear as mud?  If you have problems or questions, just send me email.  Good luck with your re-picks, and enjoy the remainder of the contest.

Picks Entry FAQ

Enter Your Picks

Click the Ball to Enter Your Picks!

How do I enter my picks in your contest?

This is the most important question, now, isn't it?  Simply click on the basketball image just above this FAQ entry, and you will be presented with a fresh grid in which to enter your picks.

Simply click on the buttons for the winners you want to select.  As you click on a winner, the team will automatically be advanced to the next round for you in the grid.  After you have made all of your picks, enter your first name, last name, email address, and a password (4-16 characters).  Click on the "Submit Picks" button, and your picks will be checked for omissions or errors.  If there are errors, you will be asked to correct them and submit again.  If not, you will see a confirmation page. After entering your picks, you will be forwarded to the contestant profile page to enter your quick profile information.

Do I have to fill out the stupid profile survey?

First of all, don't call it stupid.  I worked hard on it.  Second of all, it's America.  You don't have to do anything.  However, filling it out will make the contest more fun for all and will take you all of about 10 seconds and three neurons.  Oh yeah, and don't be a wise guy and, like, report the opposite gender or whatever.  Creating a false internet persona is so 21st-century-teenager, so don't do it.

I clicked on the "Enter Your Picks" button on this page, and nothing happened.  What's wrong?

The button will not become active until after the contest manager (that's me) prepares the contest database with the teams that were selected by the NCAA for this year's tournament.  This will happen by 6:00 AM EDT, Monday, March 13, 2017.  If it is after that time, try clicking refresh on your browser.  Also, please DISABLE your pop-up blocker for this site. The pick entry grid, along with some other pages on this site, open in new windows. Your pop-up blocker may nuke them if you do not add this site to the "allowed" list. If it still won't work, send me email.

Why do I need to choose a password?

This is to keep some wise guy from altering your picks before the tournament starts.

I entered my picks, but I want to make a change.  Can I do that?

Sure.  Simply go to the Contestant Picks page and click on the link bearing your name.  You will be asked to enter your password.  The pick grid will appear with all of your current picks filled in.  Simply click on the buttons to change your picks however you like.  When you are finished, click on the "Update Picks" button below the grid.  PLEASE NOTE: Do not confuse changing your picks before the contest begins with changing your picks after round two, which is a new twist to this year's contest.  You may make as many changes as you like before Thursday, March 17, and it will not affect the number of points you can score for any games.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, please see the Contest Rules and Scoring page. 

How come I can't see anyone else's picks?

In the interest of excitement and fair play, everyone's picks will be password protected until the tournament starts at 12:15 PM on March 16, 2017.  Once the tournament begins, you will be able to view anyone's picks in the contest by clicking on their link on the Contestant Picks page.

What is the deadline for entering my picks?

I'm glad you asked.  This year the deadline is absolutely, positively 12:15 (EDT) on March 16, 2017.  There will be no exceptions made.  Once the deadline passes, the picks entry page will be disabled, and the update picks option will disappear from your picks page.  Please do not email me your picks at 5:00 PM on March 16 along with a "promise" that you've been at work all day and haven't seen any games yet.  That won't work.  The contest is totally automated.  Get your picks in on time.

I forgot my password!

Click here to request a password reset link to be emailed to you.

I made a typo in my name when I entered. How do I fix that?

Your name is part of the primary key for the entry in the contest database. That is why you cannot change it yourself once your entry is finalized. If you made a typo, send me email. I will correct it for you.


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